Partnership Leverages Extensive Pipeline Inspection Data to Enhance Service Offerings and Strategic Positioning in Water Environmental Protection Market

SHENZHEN, China, June 27, 2024 — CDT Environmental Technology Investment Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: CDTG) (“CDT”), a leading provider of waste treatment systems and services throughout China, has entered into a strategic partnership with a local high-tech company in Fujian Province. This collaboration brings together the strengths of both partners, with CDT contributing its government relations, brand recognition, and expertise in waste treatment solutions, while the partner provides its local knowledge and extensive pipeline inspection data. This partnership is expected to create an enhanced service platform, expand market reach, and strengthen CDT’s competitive position in the South China region and beyond. The initial agreement is for a period of three years with an option to renew upon mutual consent.

The foundation of this partnership lies in the partner company’s extensive experience in pipeline inspection. In 2023, they completed inspections and mapping of over 4,000 kilometers of sewage pipelines in Fujian Province, accumulating a valuable database of critical infrastructure information. Through this agreement, CDT gains real-time access to this crucial pipeline data. This allows CDT to leverage the partner’s knowledge of current infrastructure conditions to develop targeted and efficient solutions for potential projects, proactively engage with government entities regarding upcoming water treatment needs, and strategically position itself for future contract opportunities in municipal pipeline maintenance, dredging, and sewage treatment.

“Our partner’s extensive experience in pipeline inspection and their accurate, comprehensive data will provide a strong foundation for our cooperation,” said Li Yunwu, CEO of CDTG. “This partnership enables us to better understand infrastructure requirements and deliver more targeted, efficient solutions for our customers in this large market, which is estimated to be approximately $20 billion per year. Adhering to the principles of complementary advantages and mutual benefits, we look forward to contributing to water environmental protection efforts in Fujian and potentially nationwide.”

To ensure a smooth implementation of this partnership, a joint working group will be established to clearly define responsibilities and facilitate progress. The two parties will collaborate extensively in areas such as municipal pipeline inspection, dredging maintenance, and sewage treatment. Market observers anticipate that this partnership will further enhance CDT’s market competitiveness by leveraging its partner’s technical expertise and local knowledge.

About CDT Environmental Technology Investment Holdings Limited
CDT, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, is a leading national player in China’s waste treatment sector that designs, develops, manufactures, sells, installs, operates and maintains sewage treatment systems and provides sewage treatment services in China, and is dedicated to promoting sustainable development through innovative solutions. Founded by pioneers in waste treatment, CDT aims to advance next-generation technologies that directly address environmental challenges and promote sustainable solutions. CDT is a recognized brand in China and is committed to innovation and customer satisfaction.

CDT’s mission is to help its customers achieve their critical infrastructure objectives while enabling positive change in technological environmental protection. It collaborates with industry leaders, environmental experts, and stakeholders to develop and implement advanced waste treatment solutions. Recently listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market, CDT is a prominent player in the waste treatment market, capable of providing comprehensive solutions to diverse customer needs, and has completed more than 150 plants across China.
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