SHANGHAI, July 10, 2024 — CHINT is thrilled to announce its global “Limitless 2024 Cool Season” campaign, running from June 1st to July 31st, 2024. This campaign celebrates and acknowledges the vital contributions of electricians, installers, and panel builders worldwide.

Campaign Overview

Building upon the success of prior seasons, the campaign will feature an array of online and offline activities, encompassing new product launches and promotions across the new energy, OEM, and construction sectors. The campaign introduces a Global Point Reward System and the CHINT Electrician Ambassador program, alongside community-building initiatives aimed at fostering collaboration and recognition.

CHINT Limitless super brand season

Reward System

The Global Point Reward System is a cornerstone of the Limitless 2024 campaign, allowing electricians and installers to earn points with each CHINT purchase. Participants can conveniently upload their receipts to the campaign website and accumulate points. Furthermore, a referral program encourages participants to invite colleagues, earning bonus points for each successful referral. This system not only rewards loyalty but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration among industry professionals.

New Product Launches

The Limitless 2024 campaign will showcase several innovative products. These products are engineered to enhance safety and efficiency in electrical installations, offering cutting-edge features that cater to the evolving demands of the industry.

1. : This switch delivers reliable performance and enhanced safety, ideal for isolating faulty equipment and main switch applications.

2. : This breaker provides robust protection and zero arcing in high-voltage circuits up to 1150V.

3. : This circuit breaker offers enhanced protection against electrical faults without over-current protection, ensuring optimal safety.


CHINT invites electricians and installers worldwide to join the Limitless 2024 campaign and benefit from innovative products, rewarding systems, and community-building activities. For more details on the campaign, please connect with your local CHINT retail store.


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