HAMILTON, Bermuda, July 08, 2024 — HashKey Global, a licensed digital asset exchange, is pleased to announce its first profitable month and its ranking among the top 10 global exchanges on Coingecko. This milestone establishes HashKey Global as one of the fastest-growing digital asset exchanges globally in 2024.

Continuous Trading Volume Growth & Global Top 10 Ranking

In June, HashKey Global witnessed a 15.31% increase in daily trading volume, reaching $401.6 million USD. The Genesis Trading Campaign saw participation from 4,476 users, a 62% increase from the previous month. Moreover, the exchange welcomed 33,260 new registered users. As of June 17, 2024, HashKey Global held the 8th position among global exchanges on Coingecko.

Achieved Profitability within Two Months of Launch

HashKey Global’s rapid growth is further emphasized by its financial performance. The exchange achieved profitability within just two months of its launch, driven by significant increases in trading volume, liquidity, asset quality, and user base.

Compliant Futures Trading Launched with 100% Fee Rebate Referral

The official launch of futures trading on HashKey Global introduces the “Futures Trade to Earn” event, offering HSK rewards for futures trades. The exclusive 100% Fee Rebate Referral program allows users to earn a full rebate in HSK when they invite friends to trade futures.

Outstanding Launchpool APR & Community Reward Center Launched

HashKey Global’s second Launchpool concluded with impressive APRs: the USDT pool reached up to 330.4%, and the ATH pool soared to 1,070.83%. Additionally, the new Community Reward Center on Discord enables users to complete tasks and earn H Points, which can be redeemed for HSK and VIP-1 rate cards.

About HashKey Global

HashKey Global is one of the flagship global digital asset exchanges under HashKey Group, offering licensed digital asset trading services to users worldwide. HashKey Global has obtained a license from the Bermuda Monetary Authority with the potential to provide mainstream trading and service products such as LaunchPad, contracts and leverage trading.

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Luna Wang
Senior PR Manager
HashKey Global