MUNICH, June 26, 2024 — , the world’s first photovoltaic company listed on Fortune Global 500, made a successful debut at Intersolar Europe, culminating in a grand “Shine on Munich” Gala.

Tongwei Debuts TNC-G12/G12R Series Modules at InterSolar Europe 2024

At the event, Tongwei unveiled its TNC-G12/G12R series modules, boasting high efficiency, low temperature coefficient, and minimal degradation. These modules utilize self-developed and self-produced solar cells, ensuring stringent quality control and ushering in an era of high-power performance with enhanced quality and efficiency.

Tongwei also launched its 2023 ESG Report titled “Together to win”, and received certifications from KIWA-PVEL, BSI, and Fitch. The event attracted considerable interest from partners, resulting in cooperation agreements with clients including Econergy, KP Solar Group SMLLC, Wattkraft, EEN, and Nordic Sun & PTE.

Amid the excitement of Intersolar Europe and Euro 2024, Tongwei hosted the “Shine On Munich” Gala. Ms.Liu Shuqi, Chairwoman & CEO of Tongwei, invited football legend Massimo Ambrosini and over 200 customers to attend Tongwei’s “Football Night”,fusing the worlds of sports and sustainable energy, creating a memorable celebration to commemorate advancements in the photovoltaic industry.

Throughout the event, Ms.Liu Shuqi engaged in positive interactions with Mr.Ambrosini and shared Tongwei’s vision with the guests, “Tongwei remains committed to long-termism, dedicating itself with professionalism to crafting each module for our global customers.”

Tongwei’s proactive approach to advancing sustainable energy solutions underlines its commitment to driving global innovation and setting new benchmarks in the photovoltaic industry.

CONTACT: Tim Neesh