Shenzhen, China, June 21, 2024 — The Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) Schools Art Award is widely considered by educators to be among the most prestigious awards bestowed upon students in Scotland. With a rich history spanning 36 years, the award recognizes works that exhibit exceptional creativity and originality. XPPen is honored to serve as the associate sponsor of the RSA Schools Art Award in 2024.

The RSA School Art Award is open to all pupils in secondary schools across Scotland. In 2024, the response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic as students eagerly submitted their works, showcasing a remarkable range of creativity and talent. From January to April, the RSA received 1020 submissions. This constitutes the second-highest number of submissions the RSA has ever received, surpassing last year’s total of 800. There were 9 categories of awards this year, encompassing a diverse range of age groups and regions. 

XPPen was established with the core mission of supporting emerging artists and art enthusiasts, and inspiring them to express themselves and explore their artistic potential. XPPen is thrilled to witness the extraordinary works created by these young and talented entrants.

 XPPen revels in sparks of inspiration

Mae Barr, 1st Prize, Chairs Challenge

The theme of the 2024 Chairs Challenge, one of the award categories, was “The World Needs More of This!”. Mae Barr, the recipient of 1st prize in the Chairs Challenge, drew inspiration from the impact of climate change on the world’s animal populations and created a painting depicting a polar bear and 2 skeletons walking on melting icebergs. In this artwork, XPPen perceives Mae Barr’s passion to raise awareness about the effects of climate change and the importance of protecting the environment.

Sophie Bowles, 1st Prize, Senior Category

Sophie Bowles is captivated by chiaroscuro and the interplay of light and shadows on the human face. She experimented with dramatic lighting techniques and endeavored to understand the effect of light on the mood of a portrait. Her work exudes a sense of drama through the stark contrast between light and dark.

Oriana Kacz, 2nd Prize, Senior Category

Oriana Kacz expresses the embrace of femininity in her work: “When creating this piece, I was captivated by using fine contour lines to depict the curved and organic forms of both myself and the flowers that adorn me”.

Ariadne Al-Hermazi Gurska, 2nd Prize, Intermediate Category

Ariadne Al-Hermazi Gurska’s work is inspired by the unwavering loyalty of dogs and the companionship they share with their owners. In the artwork, both the woman and all three dogs have one eye visible. Although their eyes gaze in different directions, signifying their distinct perspectives on companionship, they remain united by their close bond.

XPPen is impressed by the pupils’ creativity displayed in the RSA Schools Art Award 2024 and finds abundant inspiration in their unique ideas. XPPen is always committed to supporting the young generation and is delighted to be their steadfast companion on their journey of growth, witnessing every moment when inspiration ignites. As a forward-thinking brand, XPPen remains dedicated to continuous innovation and continues to offer exceptional products and services, with the goal of empowering every artist and art enthusiast to express themselves freely. Moving forward, XPPen will remain committed to supporting the development of art and nurturing the talents of the young generation, embracing the wonder of art together.

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