Donald Trump And Joe Biden Participate In First Presidential Debate

In a lighthearted social media post, President Joe Biden addressed the theories circulating among Trump and his allies that the Democratic nominee would be using performance-enhancing drugs before the debate. He shared a picture of himself with his “secret sauce,” a can of water, and wrote, “I don’t know what they’ve got in these performance enhancers, but I’m feeling pretty jacked up.”

The water, priced at $4.60 for supporters, features “additional facts” on the back that highlight Trump’s 34 felony counts, two impeachments, and six bankruptcies. The ingredients listed are equally playful: MAGA tears, mysterious Orange Liquid, and melted chocolate chip ice cream—the latter of which is the President’s favorite. Purchases will directly benefit the Biden campaign fund.

The can also displays an image of Biden’s alter ego, “Dark Brandon,” a viral meme that features a laser-eyed Biden. The incumbent candidate has repeatedly referenced this meme to poke fun at the conspiracies promoted by Trump and his allies.

Earlier this week, former President Trump called for Biden to take a drug test. “DRUG TEST FOR CROOKED JOE BIDEN??? I WOULD, ALSO, IMMEDIATELY AGREE TO ONE!!!,” Trump wrote on Monday. Trump has been advocating for Biden to take a drug test before any debate since this spring. He also made similar calls for drug testing before the 2020 debates.

Many Republicans have been speculating about President Biden’s potential debate performance for days. On Monday, Sean Hannity spoke about Biden on Fox News, stating, “The Joe Biden that we’re talking about tonight; I don’t think will be the Joe Biden we’re gonna see on debate night,” implying that Biden would be excessively energized, perhaps due to caffeine or other stimulants.

Rep. Ronny Jackson also contributed to these theories on Donald Trump Jr.’s podcast, Triggered with Don Jr., suggesting that Biden might be taking drugs like Adderall and Provigil to enhance his alertness.

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