CDT Environmental Technology Investment Holdings Limited, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, is a leading player in China’s waste treatment sector that designs, develops, manufactures, sells, installs, operates and maintains sewage treatment systems and provides sewage treatment services in China. It is dedicated to promoting sustainable development through innovative solutions. Founded by pioneers in waste treatment, CDT aims to advance next-generation technologies that directly address environmental challenges and promote sustainable solutions. CDT is a recognized brand in China and is committed to innovation and customer satisfaction.

CDT’s mission is to help its customers achieve their critical infrastructure objectives while enabling positive change in technological environmental protection. It collaborates with industry leaders, environmental experts, and stakeholders to develop and implement advanced waste treatment solutions. Recently listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market, CDT is a prominent player in the waste treatment market, capable of providing comprehensive solutions to diverse customer needs, and has completed more than 150 plants across China.

CDT announces the granting of three patents from the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), each in support of the Company’s waste management methodologies and technology offerings. Patent #202322542684.5, titled, “A Sludge Drying Device,” is the Company’s newly-patented, energy-saving, highly efficient, and environmentally friendly apparatus designed to address the shortcomings of existing technologies. Patent #202322542851.6, titled, “A Wastewater Treatment Device for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal,” covers the Company’s designed to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater in order to reduce environmental pollution. Patent #202322542588.0, titled, “Highly Efficient Waste Anaerobic Fermentation Device,” was developed after the Company’s AI-powered intelligent waste sorting technology.

“These patents underscore our dedication to staying at the forefront of our industry, demonstrating creativity, ingenuity and resolve in order to address common issues associated with wastewater management for our customers,” remarked Yunwu Li, Chief Executive Officer of CDT. “From simple filtration devices to highly refined bolt-ons connected with our AI-powered technology, CDT continues to provide a platform founded in leadership and innovation, continually striving to provide our customers with valuable benefits and features.”

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