Reported total revenues for the full year 2023 grew 2% to €48.5 million. Secured approximately USD 20 million – strengthening cash position and expanding relationship with Lifera, a biopharma company owned by the PIF. Positioned for strong performance in 2024, driven by new and existing Pharma business and solid Diagnostic growth in line with industry standards; guidance of FY2024 total revenue growth between 10-15%. Ongoing strategic alternatives process focused on sustainable long-term value creation for the benefit of its stakeholders.

“In 2023, we focused on strategic growth – strengthening our Diagnostic portfolio and introducing new data and wet lab solutions to accelerate drug discovery, development, and commercialization for Pharma. We expanded our partnership model with a joint venture in Saudi Arabia, securing a $30 million investment and additional milestone payments. However, delays in Pharma program timelines impacted our 2023 revenue. Looking ahead to 2024, our Diagnostics business is expected to maintain steady growth in line with industry standards, and our Pharma orderbook is on a record trajectory – with momentum expected to compound each quarter.”

Kim Stratton continued, “We are excited to be engaged in discussions with multiple potential strategic partners and to have deepened our relationship with Lifera over the past months. With this progress at the forefront, CENTOGENE is positioned for growth and a path towards profitability. We expect to see 2024 annual revenue growth between 10-15%.”

Total revenues increased by 2% to €48.5 million in FY2023, compared to €47.5 million in FY2022. Diagnostics segment revenues increased by 8% in 2023 to €33.7 million, primarily related to an increase of 11% in revenues for CentoXome® (CENTOGENE’s proprietary Whole Exome Sequencing) and CentoGenome® (CENTOGENE’s proprietary Whole Genome Sequencing). Achieved upselling 47% of CentoXome® and CentoGenome® orders to MOx (CENTOGENE’s portfolio of multiomic testing solutions) in FY2023. Pharma segment revenues of €14.8 million, reflecting a decrease of 8%, primarily driven by a lag in Pharma program timelines in H2 2023. Overall gross profit margin of 36% of revenues or €17.2 million in FY2023, compared to 42% of revenues or €19.8 million in FY2022. Net loss position increased by 12.2% at €35.8 million in FY2023 compared to a net loss of €31.9 million in FY2022. Total segment adjusted EBITDA was at €11.1 million in FY2023, compared to €13.2 million in FY2022. This decrease was mainly driven by the lag in pharma revenues, as well as the increase in cost of sales and selling expenses. Cash and cash equivalents were €19.1 million as of December 31, 2023, compared to €35.9 million for the period ended December 31, 2022.

“We are focused on streamlining processes and strengthening our financial position to enable us to execute on our leading rare and neurodegenerative disease business and sustainable long-term value creation,” said Miguel Coego, Chief Financial Officer at CENTOGENE. “Looking ahead, we will remain prudent with our capital allocation – serving as a key driver to our goal of hitting EBITDA breakeven by the end of this year and our path to cash profitability. We believe this will enable us to advance our strategic alternatives process to unlock value for our patients, physicians, pharma partners, and CENTOGENE stakeholders.”