Dubai, UAE, April 24, 2024 — CoinW Exchange, a leading force in the digital asset trading industry, is marking its sixth year with a comprehensive rebranding initiative and the introduction of its Proprietary Trading (Prop Trading) product. This Dubai-based exchange’s latest developments signal a transformative phase in its evolution, aiming to reshape the digital trading landscape.

CoinW Exchange has established a formidable reputation in the digital assets trading sector. As it approaches its 6th year milestone, the exchange is embarking on a new journey with a comprehensive rebranding. This transformation symbolizes CoinW’s commitment to continual growth and innovation. A central part of this transformation is the launch of CoinW’s new Prop Trading product. This groundbreaking offering marks an important step forward for CoinW Exchange. It has been meticulously designed to help traders, offering them new avenues to maximize their profits.

Proprietary trading, or “Prop Trading,” involves a firm’s trading desk using its own capital and balance sheet to execute financial transactions for its own gain, rather than earning commissions through client trades. It presents expert traders with an exclusive opportunity to leverage their trading expertise on a larger scale. Rather than expanding their personal portfolio, these traders can manage and profit from substantial funds, provided they pass an intensive trading test that evaluates both their ROI and risk management skills.

The launch of the PropTrading arm marks a significant milestone for CoinW Exchange. This product is yet another expansion to CoinW’s colorful trading product lineup. Traders all over the world can now trade spot and futures on CoinW, following the lead of elite traders or becoming one themselves.

CoinW’s PropTrading platform offers two modes to demonstrate futures trading skills: Starter and Hard. Each mode consists of two challenge phases. The Starter Mode has a lower profit target at Phase 1 and a more lenient maximum drawdown requirement. The Hard Mode, though more rigorous, offers the potential to access larger funds. Both modes provide a maximum 5X leverage ratio and unlimited time, provided the drawdown stays within defined limits. After paying a registration fee and providing necessary details, traders can commence trading on the PropTrading platform, which mirrors the CoinW environment.

PropTrading provides a pathway for seasoned individual traders to showcase their skills on a larger platform without tying themselves to major financial institutions. With this new extension, CoinW is set to empower traders all around the world. You can learn more details about CoinW PropTrading at

CoinW Exchange is committed to continuous innovation to provide users with the best trading experience. According to Sonic, director of CoinW PropTrading (CPT), “We have a host of exciting plans in the pipeline that promise to revolutionize the way digital assets are traded. We hope CPT can bring more opportunities to talented traders who are short of fund. CoinW will be the place that they can truly shine.” How to Join CoinW PropTrading

CoinW PropTrading is now accepting applications and has launched the “Warriors of Next Phase Trading” competition. This competition aims to discover more talented traders in the market. The application period runs from April 17 to May 7 and the first 1,000 registrants for the “Warriors of Next Phase Trading” competition will be eligible for one-time free registration. More information is available at:

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