Dubai, UAE , June 05, 2024 — As 23 squads gear up for UEFA EURO 2024 in Germany, one eclectic team is ready to ignite the summer for football and crypto enthusiasts alike.  , the world’s pioneering , is launching the $1M Goal Rush Challenge. Winning the prizes should be a breeze for participants, as the event aims to infuse trading with fun.

How and When to Snatch the $1M Prizes during the 22 Match Nights?

The Goal Rush Challenge is organized in two phases:

June 5 to June 14, Early bird phase to kick off your journey and snatch initial point rewards

June 15 to July 18, Showdown phase to compete for points and redeem your share of $1M rewards

To elevate the campaign, a ream of physical rewards, worth $600,000 has been added to the prize pool, including a 7-day trip to Europe, Pirlo signed merch, and the latest Apple products. The remaining $400,000 will be distributed in the form of Super Bonus and Mega Coupons.

Five Ways to Collect Points – Your Guide to Victory

CoinW welcomes both trading pros and football fans with three non-trading avenues to earn points. Simply register during the Early Bird Phase to score 5 points. Hurry, as the  door will be closed on June 13. 

Apart from the early bird appetizer, participants who follow CoinW’s official account on , repost the event tweet, and join CoinW’s vibrant communities on T and Discord for more points. 

But the real game-changer? Make your mark on every EURO 2024 match by predicting the outcomes and boosting your journey.

And for those keen on trading, we’ve made it easier than ever. Completing any type of trading (spot, futures, etc.) earns you points, which can be accumulated daily. Aim high with a challenge – reach 1,000 USDT in  volume, or 5,000 USDT in  volume to get an instant 100 points. Remember, we are in the bull run, your bold move will be handsomely rewarded.

With 22 nights, 51 matches, and global brand ambassador Andrea Pirlo by our side, CoinW invites all football fans to revel in the excitement of EURO 2024. 

About CoinW

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