HEFEI, China, May 20, 2024 — Gotion High-tech released several products and new technology at its 13th Technology Conference. 

The company unveiled its 5C ultra-fast charging G-Current battery. The battery can charge 80% in 9.8 minutes and 90% in 15 minutes. The battery can be used in various applications. Gotion High-tech’s Vice President of the Engineering R&D Institute, Mr. Cao Yong, stated that the G-Current batteries will soon be mass-produced.

The Stellary battery uses Gotion High-tech’s second-generation silicon-carbon material and fast-charging electrolyte. This allows the battery to ultra-fast charge from 10% to 70% state of charge in 9 minutes. With a battery pack, it can complete 350 km range charging in 5 minutes and 600 km range charging in 10 minutes. The Stellary Battery Pack has a unique structural design that dissipates 70% of its heat outside within just 3 seconds, ensuring extreme cooling speed and preventing thermal runaway. The Stellary battery also uses wireless BMS technology and multi-faceted effective cooling technology. It improves the safety and reliability of the battery immensely. This battery will be produced by Gotion High-tech’s Gen7 factory, which has the industry’s highest standard of production with um-level precision. That will reduce manufacturing costs by 50%.

The Gemstone battery has groundbreaking all-solid-state technology, which results in an energy density of 350 Wh/kg. That is over 40% higher than mainstream NCM batteries. This offers electric vehicles a longer range and improved energy efficiency. The Gemstone battery passed the 200-degree hot box test at one go, which is significantly higher than the 130 degrees defined by national standards. This is a major advancement in battery technology safety.

Source: Gotion High-Tech Co., Ltd.

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