The Organizing Committee of the Jilin Provincial Tourism Development Conference

CHANGCHUN, China, June 06, 2024 — The press conference of Jilin Provincial Tourism Development Conference was hosted in Changchun on May 31. The inaugural conference will be held on June 13-16 in Changbaishan Reserve and Development Zone.

Gao Fei, director of the Management Committee of Changbaishan Reserve and Development Zone, pointed out that the provincial government’s decision to hold the inaugural conference in Changbaishan indicates its immense concern and strong support for the region, highlighting Changbaishan’s leading position in the province’s tourism sector. Changbaishan is committed to leveraging its unique stories and cultural tourism combinations to make key contributions to Jilin’s trillion-yuan tourism industry and to becoming a world-class tourist resort.

In May, the melted ice in Tianchi Lake in Changbaishan, Jilin Province in northeast China vividly manifested the flourishing of the province’s tourism industry.

Changbaishan, a landmark of Jilin tourism, has become a renowned “golden signboard” in the country. In 2023, the scenic area received a record-breaking 2.7477 million tourists, a year-on-year increase of 260.45%.

Changbaishan is a microcosm of Jilin’s cultural tourism industry. The recent May Day holiday showed that the “snowy highland” is transforming into a “year-round boom.”

According to the preliminary estimation, during the holiday, Jilin Province received 18.363 million domestic tourists, a year-on-year increase of 118.7%, and the domestic tourism revenue reached 17.47 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 160.3%. The proportion of tourists from outside the province accounted for 35.6%, an increase of 17 percentage points over the May Day holiday last year.

The airports’ bustling operation demonstrated Jilin’s accelerated efforts to promote high-quality economic development in the tourism industry. It is expected that Changchun Airport will handle 2,070 flights and transport 295,000 passengers during the May Day holiday, with an average of 345 flights and 49,000 passengers per day.

To enhance cultural tourism, Jilin has optimized the tourism experience in terms of enriching service offerings, improving infrastructure, strengthening the safety management, and enhancing the market supervision.

By 2025, Jilin will open 280 air routes at the six airports, with the launch of Shenyang-Baishan high-speed railway expected to bring tens of millions of tourists to Changbaishan. All scenic areas in the province will achieve 5G coverage.

An official with the Department of Culture and Tourism of Jilin Province said that Jilin will introduce new projects and products to strengthen project construction and product supply. Centering on the double brands of “Snowy Changbaishan” and “Refreshing Jilin at 22°C in Summer,” Jilin will spare no effort to contribute to the comprehensive revitalization of the province and to achieve new breakthroughs in the cultural tourism industry.

Since the “Jilin Provincial Action Plan for Building a Trillion-Yuan Tourism Industry (2023-2025)” was introduced last October, the whole province has reached a consensus on promoting high-quality development of the tourism industry and striving to achieve a trillion-yuan tourism industry within five years.

In a recent press conference on “Promoting High-Quality Development” held by the State Council Information Office, Yang Andi, deputy governor of Jilin Province, said that Jilin will adhere to the “all” aspects – “all-region layout,” “all-season development,” “all-industry chain promotion,” “all-product system development,” and “all-element support” – to promote high-quality development of the tourism industry.

Source: The Organizing Committee of the Jilin Provincial Tourism Development Conference

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