Singapore, April 05, 2024 — In a significant move to enhance regulatory compliance and ensure the highest standards of security, Toobit, a leading force in the cryptocurrency exchange market, is proud to announce its integration with the CODE Travel Rule solution, effective as of April 4, 2024. By partnering with CODE, a Travel Rule solution embraced by major exchanges, Toobit demonstrates its commitment to the highest levels of compliance and security.

As the vanguard of innovation in the cryptocurrency space, Toobit has consistently been at the forefront, offering traders and investors unparalleled safety, groundbreaking features, and a user-centric approach that has cemented its position as the preferred platform globally. The integration with the CODE Travel Rule solution shows Toobit’s dedication to compliance, safety, and the provision of technology-based solutions that not only meet but exceed the international standards for anti-money laundering (AML) compliance.

The Financial Action Task Force’s Travel Rule is a critical regulatory standard aimed at curbing money laundering and terrorist financing. It mandates virtual asset service providers (VASPs), including cryptocurrency exchanges, to disclose certain transaction details, thereby ensuring a transparent and secure digital asset transfer process.

Toobit’s integration with CODE positions it as a proactive participant in the global effort to ensure a secure and compliant digital asset environment. This alliance not only showcases Toobit’s adherence to critical regulatory requirements but also reinforces its status as a preferred platform for traders and investors worldwide, who value safety, transparency, and innovation.

The cryptocurrency community warmly welcomes Toobit’s integration into the CODE alliance, a testament to its dedication to enhancing the trading environment through compliance with global standards. This strategic move is seen as a significant step forward in Toobit’s mission to foster a secure, transparent, and professional trading landscape for its global user base.