Singapore, May 02, 2024 — Webuy Global Ltd (NASDAQ: WBUY) (“Webuy” or the “Company”), a Southeast Asian community e-commerce retailer, today announced that Zacks Small-Cap Research (“Zacks”) has initiated equity research coverage on the Company. The full equity research report is available on the Zacks website. About Webuy Global LtdWebuy Global Ltd (Nasdaq: WBUY) is an innovative, technology-focused company with the goal of building the most trusted retail brand and advanced e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, designed to leverage data in order to provide a community-driven experience for consumers. The Company’s unique ‘group buy’ business model is set to revolutionize traditional shopping practices, by offering substantial cost savings to customers through an efficient purchasing model and community-centric approach. Akin to group purchases and bulk orders, this approach simplifies the process for customers, eliminating the need for individual bulk purchases. Furthermore, the Company’s business model streamlines the traditional supply chain by minimizing the involvement of intermediaries, thereby offering a more direct “farm-to-table” supply model. The Company’s vision is to enable the ten million families in Southeast Asia to live a healthier, higher-quality lifestyle. Additional information about the Company is available at About Zacks Small-Cap ResearchZacks Small-Cap Research provides independent, institutional-quality equity research coverage on small and micro-cap companies for both investment professionals and retail investors. The Zacks Small-Cap analyst team has an average of 20 years’ experience in investment research, conducting significant due diligence in an effort to maintain the highest quality research within the small-cap universe. Zacks SCR research coverage includes a full initiation report that includes a comprehensive company overview and a thorough, in-depth presentation of the fundamental investment drivers of the company, along with a detailed EPS model, a price target and historical financial statements. ContactInvestor RelationsRobin Yang, PartnerICR, LLCEmail: Webuy.IR@icrinc.comPhone: +1 (646) 880-9057