New York, NY, April 05, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Recently, STARL has announced the launch of its on and off-chain gaming metaverse. The space-themed STARL Metaverse enables users to explore, communicate, learn, and play games in a vibrant environment that is imaginative, unique, and empowering. With an active community steering the project, the STARL Metaverse utilizes the cutting-edge capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 to facilitate user interaction, exploration, asset trading, and self-expression beyond reality.

Ahead of the Game: STARL Project – Pioneers of the First ‘Unreal Engine 5-Powered’ Metaverse with On and Off-Chain Gaming

With a focus on user engagement and fun first, STARL aims to provide captivating games and immersive environments while ensuring user safety and privacy. The project’s emphasis is not just on in-game assets, but mostly on delivering a memorable experience. Driven by passion and creativity, and supported by a dedicated community, the STARL team successfully tackles challenges and limitations often associated with conventional development approaches.

Constantly inspired by the vastness of the universe and guided by their community, STARL pursues innovative ideas and experiences that set them apart from other projects. As a result, STARL offers a distinctive gaming metaverse that combines the best of cutting-edge technology, user-centric design, and a vibrant community to create a unique and enjoyable experience for its users.

As the first metaverse and blockchain project launched on Unreal Engine 5, STARL has devised a unique Pass Point system, enabling crypto users to purchase off-chain points, use them to acquire game assets without paying gas or waiting for transactions to process, and later convert them back to NFTs, all the while able to use these assets on and off-chain. This approach allows a seamless blend of off-chain and on-chain gaming, tailored to individual user preferences.

The STARL Metaverse features various portals, including the MMO space flight game Warp Nexus, where users can explore galaxies and battle space pirates in a dynamic, player- and AI-driven trading game economy with customizable ships based on fun retro-space and hot rod styles. The Live Arena, a massive spacecraft, hosts large dance parties, crowd-controlled lighting and effects, and live performances by bands, DJs, and other acts. Living Modules, fully customizable spaceships orbiting planets, provide breathtaking panoramas and represent an innovative take on virtual real estate. Users can upgrade and acquire these modules through engaging, participatory methods. STARCADE offers mini-games with leaderboard prizes, while meditation and mental health portals enable users to unwind, engage in guided meditation, and immerse themselves in the beauty of UE5-powered space for mental well-being.

In collaboration with the All In project, STARL is also exploring artificial intelligence applications within the game and Metaverse. While all the game lore is creatively written by a professional game-master, this partnership aims to train AI NPCs to assist users with navigation, interaction, and information about game environments. Additionally, the team has designed exclusive lounges accessible to NFT holders, such as the Pixelnaut Lounge.

All NFTs released by STARL possess utility or earning features within the Metaverse and games and grant access to various portals and areas. The game development team, also known as “Wyrmbyte”, is known for developing games like LEGO Universe, Jumpgate, Dragons and Titans, and other open-world and action-based titles, is responsible for the metaverse site’s development. STARL game artists have previously worked with industry giants such as Disney, Pixar, and LucasArts and have designed all the artwork in the STARL environments, making it truly unique.

Distinguished from other metaverse projects, STARL’s mission is to create an engaging and unique environment that allows users to connect, interact, learn, and play in a boundless virtual universe. By prioritizing a fun-first environment, fostering creativity, and leveraging innovative technologies like Unreal Engine 5 and a web2.5 approach that utilizes the best of both web2 and web3, STARL is a standout player in the rapidly evolving metaverse landscape.

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