Singapore, June 11, 2024 — Robin Open Social-Fi, a new gaming platform that seamlessly blends social interaction with gaming experiences, is targeting the 2.4 billion casual gamers worldwide.

Strong Investor Support

Robin Open Social-Fi has secured significant funding from investors including Spark Digital, Arcane Group, and Vector Capital. Spark Digital, a prominent investor in blockchain and early ecological projects like Elrond, 1Inch Exchange, Graph, and Marlin, has contributed between US$1 million and US$40 million to the project. Arcane Group, with a portfolio of 20 investments in the encryption field, has invested between US$2 million and US$6 million in Robin Open Social-Fi. Vector Capital, a firm managing over $4 billion from various investors, has also provided significant backing.

Strategic Partnerships with Industry Giants

Robin Open Social-Fi has established strategic alliances with major players in the mobile and gaming industries. As an exclusive Web3 partner with Transsion, a company holding a 12.4% share of the global mobile phone market, Robin Open Social-Fi has gained significant market visibility. A partnership with China Ecotourism Group has yielded annual revenues exceeding $6.1 billion. The company’s Hello Game platform has achieved impressive success, with over 5 million daily active users and a user growth rate exceeding 2,000 per day.

Robin Open Social-Fi’s strategic alliances with mobile industry giants OPPO, VIVO, and Huawei have further expanded its global reach. The platform is accessible on over 30,000 mobile terminals worldwide. Robin Open Social-Fi’s rapid growth is evident in its daily unique visitor count exceeding 5,000, average user playtime of 16 minutes, and a new user growth rate exceeding 300% in the past 25 days.

Robin Open Social-Fi is focused on exploring new gaming application scenarios and asset opportunities. By merging Web2 and Web3 technologies, the platform aims to create a more interactive and sustainable gaming ecosystem. It leverages platforms like Telegram and TON to achieve this goal, aiming to revolutionize digital entertainment.

Impressive User Engagement and Retention

Robin Open Social-Fi has secured numerous IP licenses, including popular IPs like Star Wars and Ultraman.

The platform currently has over 680,000 users, with 573,800 contract users (wallet users). Users spend an average of 16.05 minutes online and engage in an average of 2.55 battles per day. They also participate in an average of 3.76 social interactions daily. The platform attracts approximately 3,500 new users daily, indicating strong user engagement.

Extensive Global Reach and Strategic Alliances

Robin Open Social-Fi has forged a strategic partnership with CLS, a lottery platform with a significant presence in Southeast Asia and Africa. This partnership leverages CLS’s extensive network, including 50,000 lottery sales networks in Africa, 15,000 lottery stores, and 29,000 handheld POS terminals in Southeast Asia. The collaboration expands Robin Open Social-Fi’s reach to over 10 million users, creating new opportunities for engagement and growth.

Robin Open Social-Fi stands out for its unparalleled global coverage. The platform has partnered with payment providers and financial institutions worldwide, including Europe, North and Latin America, and Southeast Asia. This provides users from 173 countries with convenient fiat-crypto purchase options. Robin Open Social-Fi aims to remove barriers to entry and offer a seamless experience for users globally.

In the future, Robin Open Social-Fi plans to launch channels targeting local platforms with over 100,000 users in the Middle East. The company will also utilize the expertise of 200 former Uber country managers to establish a local sales network in Latin America, ensuring market penetration in the region.

For media inquiries, partnership opportunities, or further information about Robin Open Social-Fi, please contact. Join us as we embark on a journey to build a truly open gaming social world for all types of players!



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