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Mathematics will become significantly easier on the iPad.

Apple announced at its annual keynote on Monday that it will finally be bringing the Calculator app to the iPad, garnering praise from attendees and on social media. The first version of the iPad was released in 2010, and in the 14 years since its debut, the tablet has never had Apple’s official Calculator app. Without the official app, iPad users who wanted to perform mathematical calculations on their tablets had to resort to using a web browser or downloading a third-party app.

However, this will change when the app arrives this fall. In addition to standard mathematical calculations, the app will be capable of performing unit conversions.

The new iPad version of the app will also introduce a new feature called Math Notes, which will enable users to write mathematical problems by hand using the Apple Pencil. The Calculator app will then automatically solve these problems. Users will be able to go beyond basic math problems and utilize functions from the scientific calculator, such as logarithmic equations.

The announcement that Apple was bringing the Calculator app to the iPad was met with cheers at the keynote on Monday.

“Why is the new Calculator app for iPad actually sick,” one user commented. “I guess this is why it took them 14 years.”

iPadOS 18 will include other new features, such as .
The Calculator app is the latest official Apple app to be added to the iPad—the official Weather app was not initially part of the iPad, and was only added to the tablet in 2022, according to .

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