27 tips to bring good luck 2023 Year of the Rabbit

MANILA, Philippines – The Year of the Water Rabbit 2023 is regarded as less turbulent than the Year of the Tiger. It means that those who have faced many challenges in 2022 may finally find relief.

In Chinese astrology, the rabbit also symbolizes patience and good luck. It means that for the year, it’s very important to be patient and not let strong emotions get in the way of a good life and abundance.

27 tips to bring good luck 2023 Year of the Rabbit
Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua shares tips for good luck in the Year of the Rabbit | Screenshot: Master Hanz Cua/ YouTube

Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua shared his “Good Life: Good Luck Tips” for the Year of the Water Rabbit.


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1. Lucky color: Blue. Add decorations or touches of blue to your home to bring in good luck for 2023, especially during the first few months of the year.

2. Start the new year off right by making sure the entire house is well-lit on December 30, 31, and January 1. Turn on all of the lights in your house and replace any that are broken. The Yang energy attracts good fortune, which comes to a well-lit house; ensure that the main door, living rooms, and kitchen are well-lit.

3. Do a general cleaning. Declutter and throw away broken things around the house. Broken clocks should be repaired or replaced before the new year.

4. Prepare 12 colorful fruits to signify abundance for the 12 months of the year. The recommended fruits are: watermelon, orange, apple, papaya, banana, guyabano, melon, grapes, etc. If you’re living alone, you can just prepare one piece of 12 different fruits.

5. Replace your bedsheets, bedcovers, curtains, and pillowcases with new or freshly washed ones to bring in new energy.

6. Fix broken pipes, leaks, or faucets. It signifies “leaking” or moving away of good fortune.

7. Repair the main door, through which good energy enters; inspect the hinges, door knobs, and scratches; and repair everything.

8. Examine the stoves, which represent the source of good fortune; according to Feng Shui, “Food is wealth.”

9. Fill the salt, sugar, and water dispensers, and make sure the LPG tank is not empty.

10. Wear polka dots because they represent money.

11. Wear new underwear to improve your love life and relationships, and wear pink underwear if you’re single to attract a good love life.

12. Shower the main entrance of the house with “kiat-kiat,” include coins, and have the family make loud festive noises.

13. The family should wear clothes in happy colors, jewelries, wear makeup, and fix your hair. Look fresh and good as you welcome the new year.

14. Express pure love and resolve conflicts and misunderstandings within the family to enhance good luck and fortune.

15. To “cleanse” the house, light 9 incense candles and walk around every corner with the incense candles. You also verbalize positive things about your home and family, such as “This house is full of love, blessings, happiness, and so on.” Cleanse everyone in the family. Do this before January 1.

16. Display Feng Shui Rabbit lucky charms throughout the home, particularly on the doors. For your office, place a Rabbit lucky charm in the east direction. In your house, place it in the living room or dining room facing the east direction. The Rabbit luck charm will enhance good relationships within the family. If you are single, place a small Rabbit lucky charm in your bedside table or the east part of your bedroom. Choose pink Rabbit lucky charms to enhance love.

17. Grandparents should give ang pao or ampao to their children or grandchildren. Red envelopes signify long life for the elders.

18. Pay all your debts.

19. Fill your wallet with money and coins.

20. “Move on” and forget about past lover, so you can find a new love life.

21. Greet all your family members, friends, etc. Be a better person and apologize to those with whom you disagree.

22. Share your blessings to others.

23. Post good vibes on social media. Stop bashing and negative comments.

24. Fill your business’ cash box with lots of money and coins.

25. The entire family should pray and express gratitude for all the blessings they have already received as well as those they will receive in the upcoming new year.

26. Prepare pancit or spaghetti for long life and happiness. Prepare food such as pork, fish, chicken, and sweets.

27. Write your name and all your wishes on Wishing Paper. It will be burned as you welcome the new year.

— Sally, The Summit Express